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Brian Jones and his wife Lisa handle everything that is Moan Barrow Productions. They have scored feature films like "Holes in the Sky", managed music blogs, manage "IN TUNE" magazine, and are best known for the award winning "ONE on ONE with Moan Barrow Show".  Brian spent many years touring as the keyboard player for bands such as Mazarati, Voyager, and Matinee.  He appeared on his first record back in 1986 with Hollywood Rose. Brian plays Bass, Drums, Keys, and loves helping other musicians gain notoriety
by keeping everything they do 100% free for music artists. In 2022, Moan Barrow Productions received the Golden Hermes Award for creative content and their contributions to the music industry. Out of 2.4 million podcasts globally, Brian's podcast currently ranks in the top 200 in all of Canada.
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